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  • Dedicated to providing the best service possible which includes 24 hour emergency support. With Vin-Teri Electric you know you are always covered.

    • Residential, Commercial, or Industrial
    • Equipment Failures
    • Loss of Power
    • Off Hours Installations
  • Vin-Teri Electric has the experience and qualifications for any type of electrical work required in both the retail and commercial build outs..

    • Lighting layout and design
    • Retro fit for cost savings
    • New construction
    • Service repairs and expansions
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  • No longer just about saving the planet, Vin-Teri Electric has the solutions for going green that will directly benefit your bottom line.

    • Energy Audits
    • Retro fit for cost savings
    • LEDs and CFLs
    • Lighting management systems
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Welcome to Vin-Teri Electric

Vin-Teri is a family owned company with over a decade of experience. We employ highly skilled electricians that treat our customers and their property as if it were their own. We are here to perform your electrical needs for any residential or commercial job. Our goal is to keep customers happy by completing the job on time and within budget. Our reputation is built upon customer satisfaction of prior jobs completed.

Vin-Teri Electric Inc. is a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured company that upholds the strictest of the NEC code requirements.
"I could build and roof a house, though electricity is not my thing."
-Matt LeBlanc


Electrical issues can be overwhelming for home owners, so don't go into it alone. Let Vin-Teri Electric assist in all your electrical needs by making sure it's up to code and safe for your home.

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With experience in new construction, remodels and existing equipment repairs Vin-Teri Electric has the experience in both the commercial and retail space that you need.

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Go Green

LED, compact florescent, no matter what green technology Vin-Teri Electric has the expertise to assist with new installs and retrofits for your home or business.

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There is no job too big or too small. At Vin-Teri Electric we value every job because they are all important to you..

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